Day 3 – Paris

     Nothing’s better than the Eiffel Tower at night, not even the crepes I had this morning.

By Julia Dankov


Europe Here I Come!

     Hello everyone. I, Julia Dankov, will be going on a two-week trip to Europe, visiting everything from Italy to France to England, quite soon. While on this trip, I’ll try my best to update the VMPhotography blog as much as possible and keep something resembling an online travel log or journal. Every day I’ll write 16 words, no more and no less, summarizing that day. When the idea first came to my head I was sure that I would have the easiest time and that it would really take no effort whatsoever. Oh, was I wrong. Of course, I still accept the challenge and promise to do all that’s in my power to succeed in it! See you all soon.

By Julia Dankov

Julia Dankov

Hello, My name is Julia Dankov. I’m in my early high school years, and although my age may be a number of quite obvious scantiness, I long for the ability to have my voice heard no less than any adult you would see on the street. This is why my parents and I agreed that it would be a good idea to have me take a small part in running their blog. Of course, you will see their posts of upcoming events, factual elements of this and that, photography and wedding information, etc. But nobody wants to see only the technical side of things, right? That’s where I come in.

Every so often I will be able to enjoy signing my name at the end of the posts that will make all of you smile. You’ll open up this website once in a while, only to find a short post about the origin of some fascinating wedding tradition or a fun fact about varied cultural weddings in the midst of all the facts and information that any business blog must have. Hopefully, it will bring back some of the fun that facts have begun to deplete. Enjoy!