Day 5 – Paris

     The Mona Lisa is a lot less intimidating than I thought she would be in person.

 By Julia Dankov


Europe Here I Come!

     Hello everyone. I, Julia Dankov, will be going on a two-week trip to Europe, visiting everything from Italy to France to England, quite soon. While on this trip, I’ll try my best to update the VMPhotography blog as much as possible and keep something resembling an online travel log or journal. Every day I’ll write 16 words, no more and no less, summarizing that day. When the idea first came to my head I was sure that I would have the easiest time and that it would really take no effort whatsoever. Oh, was I wrong. Of course, I still accept the challenge and promise to do all that’s in my power to succeed in it! See you all soon.

By Julia Dankov